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Ms B ([personal profile] msbee) wrote2008-03-06 03:43 pm
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Friends only

This journal is friends only.
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First! *g*

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dammit you beat me. Hello and I'm confused :)

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Friends pls?

I don't want to seem like I'm being a cow, but I was hoping to be your friend on this one and remove the fandom LJ from my f-list as I'm not really into the same stuff as you...

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Done! And not at all like a cow *g* Since that's the whole purpose of this one. Welcome to the compartment. Have some cake.
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Mm cake. :)

Your cat is sniffing me in an interested manner...I think she can smell mine...

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Bother, have only just found this one ! I like reading you rambling and grumbling about work and home life, can I come in and play please ? :)

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Absolutely. Pull up a cat.

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Hi! I was wondering if it was OK if I friended this journal too. If not, that's OK too!