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Name:Ms B
Birthdate:Oct 27
This is my personal LJ. It's not that interesting, really. I rant, I ramble, I moan about my work and my home life. I'm opinionated and vague and inconsistent, I've got poor communication skills but excellent grammar and know how to use spell check.

This journal is friends-locked. I don't automatically friend back - this is my private space where I'm comfortable being me, and if I've friended you, I've probably encountered you elsewhere first.

I'm a pagan, and a witch. Yes, I believe in magic. I also work magic. That doesn't make me completely gullible.

I'm bisexual, and I'm married. No, it's not a sellout.

I'm book-mad, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, history, serious literature, you name it, I've probably read some of it. Also theatre mad. I can't understand people who'd rather go to the cinema than see a live performance. I go to the cinema too, but a film doesn't evolve and develop. A good theatrical show will become richer and more rewarding over its run.

I trained as a musician, though I pay the bills with programming. I play alto and tenor sax, clarinet, flute, piano and bass clarinet. When I can, I do theatre work, playing for local amateur operatic groups. I sub with blues and soul bands, and I regularly play with the Norwich Philharmonic Orchestra.

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